James Ordonez, writer, producer, director and attorney, has been an essential part of numerous Hollywood success stories.   His background and experience include films like “The Mission” starring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons,  “Cobra Verde” directed by Werner Herzog, “Chronicle of a Foretold Death” directed by Francesco Rossi,  “Nostromo” starring Albert Finney and Colin Firth, “Proof of Life” starring Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, “The Dancer Upstairs” directed by John Malkovich, “Stuck” starring Stephen Rea and Mena Suvari,  and Multiple Award winner super-production “Quo Vadis” for HBO among many others.

As Director, James Ordonez' credits include "Reversal of Love" distributed worldwide by MGM, award winning documentary "The Siege of Cartagena" for History Channel, more than 200 commercials for multinational companies like Budweiser, Sony and Porsche, music videos for mega-stars and other entertainment events for companies and events like Sports Illustrated.  


As Producer, James Ordonez' work includes over 30 TV shows for Latin American and European markets.   He has also produced international multiple award films.


As Executive Producer, Distributor, President and partner of international distribution company Tayrona Entertainment Studios, James Ordonez has been behind recent international blockbuster films “Kites", "Amar a Morir",  "Cartagena" and "One night with the King" among many others. James Ordonez is an attorney at law with a master’s  degree in International Business and banking.  


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