Tayrona Capital Inc. (TCI) is an investment and equity participation firm that specializes in creative financial engineering techniques to fund motion picture projects.
TCI's innovative financing involves structural funds, risk syndication, creative financing and traditional banking and insurance elements that are successfully implemented on each project undertaken.

TCI maintains an edge with innovative techniques in motion picture finance, film production and distribution. These methods may include credit enhancement, gap financing, international co-productions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity funding, tax-advantage programs, goods and services participation, pre-sales and other benefits.

TCI's industry-focused affiliates strengthen the project position through extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry. Through alliances and ventures, TCI is currently involved in various levels of production and distribution and is exploring others with quality groups and organizations to make an indelible mark in the film industry.

TCI's success begins with its creative and strong financial structuring know-how. Following a cash-flow oriented approach, an integrated structure of banking and insurance elements highly specific for each clients transaction is developed. Various financing techniques can also be incorporated such as soft equity structuring, mezzanine structuring, securitization, and tax/subsidy advantages.

In most instances, a Secured Credit Facility is established through a Private Placement offering that is supported by our partnership with one of the largest Hedge Funds in the Financing market in addition to creative and flexible methods of collateralization. These innovative systems of collateralization rely on the creation of bankable guarantees that allow for the use of both ON- and OFF- Balance Sheet Financing options. The final structure makes for a balanced, risk syndicated transaction that strengthens the corporate financial position of the business and greatly limits its risk of default.